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We know that managing an Instagram account actively is a chore for artists, let us drive your account, get you more bookings, more followers and more exposure. We work in the background while you can work on what really matters.


Engagement - Followers, Likes & Comments

Engagement is the biggest indicator of brand strength on Instragram. The GA team will help you grow the amount of likers/comments day after day!


More Bookings

Our goal is to offer a service that puts money into artists pocket. We target potential clients in the cities you want to work in.


Influencer Level Branding

As silly as it may seem, follower count and engagement (likers/commenters) does affect your credibility in the eyes of potential clients. Your personal account rep will help build your account based off the goals you provide.

How We Can Help

More Bookings, More Time for Creating

Our goal is to increase the amount of city-specific bookings you get while enabling you to spend more time on the work that matters. Let us handle Instagram, you focus on your art.

Have you used Instagram Growth Services before? See how our approach is different and examples of our results here.

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Our Features

We take pride in having the most sought after proprietary tools for account building. Coupled with a support team that never sleeps, service is unrivaled and tailored for the Tattoo industry.


Profile Growth

Pick the types of accounts you’d like to target, and our team will immediately begin interacting with them on your behalf. Growing your brand by the hour.


Location Targeting | Gain Followers In Specific Cities

Looking to gain exposure and get more bookings while you travel? Use our geo-location targeting features to zero in on a city, or strengthen your presence in your primary city.


Concierge Support

Not sure where to start with your targeting settings? Looking for a custom plan of action to get you started? We’re here everyday to answer questions and advise you based on your growth goals. Completely free.


View Your Progress

Want to see just how much growth you’ve been getting? We include our reporting package that lets you chart and track your progress over time.

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